Tender Management Practices in the Life Sciences Industry, Report 4

+25% of the global pharmaceutical market is procured through some form of tendeR

How is the Industry Adapting?

The tendering process is governed by specific regulations. The process tends to be very formal and rigid with limited interactions with the tendering authority. Overall, the aim of the procurement authority is to increase the competitive environment, while achieving greater savings.

The ongoing or “permanent” need to procure a certain class of device or drug necessitates the re-publishing of many tenders after a specified duration of time. This increases the importance of planning, which can provide a potential competitive advantage if performed properly.

Download our findings to learn more about the following: 

  • Recent challenges in tendering process across industry
  • Market-specific challenges
  • Initiatives to tackle challenges
  • Degree of self-reported issues with each approach
  • Why are companies partnering with the tender authority?
  • External challenges leading to partner with authorities
  • IT solution to get a tender database
  • Implementing a harmonized governance

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