Optimizing MACRA Scoring

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In 2017, only three of the four MIPS components are active. We believe there are straightforward strategies for providers to score well on 2 of them. To maximize composite scores, providers should focus on CQM selection, fine tuning of individual metrics and leveraging scoring loopholes.

In this 30 to 45 minute webinar we'll discuss

  • Effort and reward associated with MACRA submission method
  • Understanding and modeling Base and Bonus reporting factors for 2017 / 2019
  • Everybody Maxes out on ACI and CPIA; Spend your time on CQM instead
  • CQM Fine Tuning / Improving your CQM Scores


ABout Our expert Presenter:


Jay Fisher
Partner, C3 Partners, LLC

Jay is a partner in the firm of C3 Partners, LLC. He and his team provide MACRA and MIPS advisory services, and MACRA financial software that supports over 6,000 providers across a dozen separate IDN’s. 

Jay’s background as a large-scale IT Project  Manager in healthcare has helped him create insights into day-to-day operations of physician groups. As a CPA he understands how to translate compliance activity into financial adjustments. The combination of those two experience sets, plus a deep understanding of the MACRA Regulations give him the ability to predict and share issues beyond mere re-statement of CMS training materials. During the sessions, we will also share the results of MIPS data analysis across MACRA Monitor’s existing provider base, granting attendees a preview of how thousands of CMS MIPS Attestations are likely to score for 2017.


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