Measuring and Predicting in the Digital Age:

A Case for Specialty Pharma


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Defining "digital" in the pharma world is complicated. While pharma has embraced "digital", what that means exactly varies widely from company to company and even different teams in the same corporation. Only a handful have made leading steps to transform their way of working, launching campaigns, creating portals, and training their teams to engage customers.

As pharma revenue growth becomes increasingly dependent on specialty drugs, it is essential to understand whether optimizing your SEO or launching (yet) another app is really worthy of anyone’s investment or attention. Unfortunately it can be difficult to convincingly link initiatives to revenues when so many other promotional efforts are at play.

Join us in this interactive session as we:

  1. Explore our development of an approach to find answers to this question using biologic drugs as an example of specialty treatments

  2. Establish a model which can predict yearly revenues with 86% accuracy and compare the impact different medical and marketing activities have to the financial success of biologic treatments

  3. Share some of our learnings and discuss potential ways to move forward


Anyone involved in marketing in the life sciences can benefit from learning more about this approach and we welcome your registration!


ABout Our expert Presenter:


Antonio Pregueiro
VP of Life Sciences Commercial excellence, Europe

Prior to HighPoint, António worked globally, gaining experience in the US, Europe, South America, Russia and the Middle East working across functions in analytics, marketing and operations spanning a broad range of therapeutic areas. António was trained as a scientist, receiving a dual-honours BSc in Biochemistry and Genetics from the University of Sheffield in the UK. He conducted his doctoral research in the Molecular and Cell Biology graduate program at Dartmouth Medical School in the US, where he received his PhD.

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