2016 R&D Workbench Webinar

Tired of reinventing the wheel with every new R&D initiative?

join us for this unique opportunity to learn about the benefits of institutional memory and collaborate with industry experts and peers.

R&D Workbench Webinar

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As if being solely responsible for the company's medical innovation wasn't a big enough job, today's Life Sciences R&D professionals are hamstrung with inefficiencies; challenges collaborating with internal and external partners, centrally capturing, accessing and integrating data to name a few.

These challenges are exactly why HighPoint developed the R&D Workbench powered by Salesforce. The first tool, developed in collaboration with AstraZeneca, enabled AZ to retain their institutional memory of the events and decisions that went into every aspect of designing a clinical trial.  From patient population, to site selection, comorbidities, and many others, all the data, whether structured or unstructured, was captured, integrated, and centrally accessible to everyone.  With this institutional knowledge, AZ now has the mechanism to connect the events, decisions, rational, and results to build on designing future trial designs.

In this upcoming webinar,  AstraZeneca will present the organizational challenges faced and the strategic benefits received from the solution along with industry perspectives from HighPoint and Salesforce as well as a preview of other solutions of the R&D Workbench powered by Salesforce.